Hi! I’m Jennifer, or The English Reader. Thank you for finding my blog; It really means the world to me. You will probably have realised that this is a brand-spanking-new blog and you would be completely correct. I have only really just finished setting it up and things will probably change a little bit over time as I get used to everything.

I’m basically writing this post as a bit of a “hello and welcome”. If you wanted to find out more about myself you are more then welcome to head on over to the ‘About Me‘ tab. Likewise, you could drop me a message to say hello! I endeavour to reply to everyone as soon as I can. It’s really lovely to see you here! Oh! I almost forgot! While I’m directing you to different parts of my blog, feel free to check out my Goodreads account where you can see a couple of my reviews so far.

So, “what is this blog about?” I hear you ask. Well…I aim to use it as a review site for all of the novels I read. I have always had a massive love for reading and all things literature and I aim to spread this passion to every single person I can. I can’t say for certain which novels I will be reviewing as I randomly decide which books I read. There will likely be a variety of genres which I hope will be easy to locate (once the reviews are up). In general though, I love reading crime, thrillers and romance (although, at the time of writing this I am currently re-reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ so who knows what will happen). The only caveat I have is that I cannot guarantee when my next review will come because I am generally really busy with my job. At the moment this is a hobby and a passion…One day I would love for it to be something more!

Anyway, enough rambling. Thank you for stumbling across my little corner of the internet! It really means the world to me.